The Cambrian Explosion, the Axial Age and you

In life forms we have the Cambrian Explosion, where organisms went from simple cellular compositions to a diverse and complex array of life including plants and animals with such great rapidity it boggles the evolutionary mind.

To me the consciousness explosion Karl Jaspers refers to as the Axial Age could easily be called the Axial Inplosion. It was in that time that bold, brash thought originators began looking inward, into human consciousness itself. (Socrates, Buddha, Lao Tzu, the Jewish  Prophets, more . . . . )

You too can look inward. You may not startle the world into new ways of thinking, though it is certain that prolonged and thoughtful contemplation will shake loose dormant genius you didn’t know you had.

Pop-up experience magnificence (for others) (and its reflection on you)
Soul surfers, creators and the light of heart