The creation frequency

If, instead of taking, you start giving — be it money, time, work, or simply love, availability, and attention — you may notice a surprising result, that you start filling up.

This is sometimes called “the law of reciprocity,” and I believe it’s as much a part of how our Universe works as the law of gravity.

It simply states that what you freely give, with a loving heart, comes back to you, multiplied.

The Creation Frequency by Mike Murphy

Wayne Dyer was saying something similar in his final decade — his interpretation of what in our era is called The Law of Attraction — that what you create and give and put out will come back to you many times.

Also from The Creation Frequency:

“Give love, give kindness, give a smile, or simply give your attention.”

Once you get on a contribution frequency, you are in creation mode! You are expressing at the highest levels.

At its simplest, the creation frequency is giving.

There’s a palpable echo effect — one that you can feel. And witness unfold in front of you.

Contribution has an element of affection embedded within it. Life becomes a magnificent echo chamber, where what you affectionately put out into the world re-creates in your experience.

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