The Creation Frequency

You’ll appreciate this. In his early 20s Mike Murphy had troubles with the law and had just separated from his wife and young child because of substance abuse. He was working for someone he hated, making little money.

His car was so bad off he had to drive with his left arm through the open window to hold the door shut. Hot days, rainy  days, it didn’t matter, everywhere he drove his forearm gripped the door tightly to keep it from flying open.

Someone recommended a man who could help him. Though he just wanted to drown it all at the bar, instead he spent his meager free cash for a weekly meeting. This mystery man — as Murphy would later call him because he was unable to remember his name nor locate him for 30 years — taught him step by step how to create the life of his dreams.

It started with getting clear on what he really wanted for his life, for his relationships, for his line of work. And then lodging this fantastical vision into his brain every morning and evening.

Here’s Mike Murphy relating how one of the seemingly impossible goals came to life:

My next intention had been to own my own business. Because I already worked in the restaurant industry, my natural inclination was to open a restaurant, but I didn’t have any money to get started.

Every day, I listened to that intention describing the wonderful business I would own, and I also remembered the mystery man’s advice — listen to the messages the Universe is sending you. Pay attention to your intuition, and be proactive.

One day, out of nowhere, an idea occurred to me. I should put an ad in the paper asking for investors.

So I did. Despite having no cash, no credit, and a negative net worth, I was able to raise enough money to open my own business within a year of setting that intention.

I have owned my own business almost ever since.

From The Creation Frequency by Mike Murphy
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