The creative Big Bang

Some are born to it — they can’t remember a time when they weren’t teasing new things out of their environment.

Others, most of us, have our own personal Big Bang. Yearnings build up such force they burst out into their own creative life. When you can’t stand the humdrum any more, then comes the explosion.

Into significance.

It’s how the activist became compassionate in action. It’s how the eccentric became so. It all begins with a burst of I can’t sit around being so-so any more.

Remember, the creative life has nothing to do with being a ‘creative’ person — it’s about playfully, willfully creating experience that matters. You can be a corporate drone buried deep in Bookkeeping and be drenched in creative living.

Creativity has only some small relation to career choice, yet a very large relation to being Connected.

The Maya Angelou Mantra Movement (MAMM!)
In a creative house