The creative impulse is alive wherever you’re at

When you see a robotic looking human figure fashioned out of metal and welds, with a similarly constructed pet metal spider in a front yard  as I do driving in and out of my neighborhood every day  you are witness to the creative impulse, that drive to create something unique with what you’ve got. 

And, get this about the metal robot, the accoutrements morph with the months. Each month the metal man takes on a new identity (presumed male for its lack of female parts)  

It’s a back-to-school kid! — 

It’s a Halloween ghoul! — 

It’s going to the beach with towel and bucket and sunglasses and hat! — 

It’s on an Easter Egg hunt! — 

It’s pet spider is spilling over with Christmas gifts! 
That is the ever present impulse to be alive where you’re at. 
Does he — the creator — need a Guggenheim fellowship to feel fulfilled? Does he require the validation of a biennial? Hardly. Requiring those things from his creations would sap the life and joy from the enterprise.

Excerpted from the upcoming book Bohemia in Suburbia.
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