The day begins the night before

It’s true. If you want to flourish, the day begins the night before. 

First you must know what you want from your day. And you must know it the night before. That is the true beginning of your ideal day.

This way you get the sleep you need to live ecstatically well.

If you know what you want from the coming day, then going to bed at the right time moves from a faint desire to part of your life mission. It becomes so important to you that leakages of your attention into various distractions  TV, Internet  are no longer tolerable.

Why nosh from a garbage pail tonight when it will impede your feasting on what matters in the day to come?

Doing this  going to bed with the coming day in mind  allows you to awaken and accomplish what you want most before the day breaks into wild gallop.

It sounds small, but it’s been the biggest amplifier of the good in my life recently  to ask of the coming day what I want from it  and then to set it in motion the night before . . . .

The day begins the night before.

For you —

Evan Griffith
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