The expression economy: 5 aspects

I’ve heard we’ve entered into the service economy but I don’t buy it. That nomenclature is short sighted.

I believe we’ve entered the era of expression. Hence the expression economy.

Why was Apple stratospherically successful for a decade running? Scintillating design that took your level of choice to a new plane.

Why has social media exploded onto the scene? Ease of expressifying!

Why are you reading this now? Because you are seeking content that speaks to who you are.

Why does Gene Simmons hire big-breasted women to accompany him on media outings? It’s who he wants to project he is.

The expression economy has these five aspects to it:

1. Design. Specifically design that amplifies who you desire to be.

2. Choice. Guns ‘n’ Ammo or Mother Jones? Your identity makes the choice.

3. Individualization. Customization so you can tailor a product tightly, magnificently, in the most detailed ways to your quirky self.

4. Expression. So you can let it out. Who you are needs to express itself. Those who find ways to amplify your youness win big in the expression economy.

5. Audience. There’s always an audience in the expression economy. Intimate (bedroom play things) to a mass of strangers (Twitter), we want to share ourselves.

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Evan Griffith
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