The hills are alive with the sound of soul music

It’s in your mechanic repairing your vehicle.

It’s in the daffodil enticing an insect.

It’s in you this very moment, expressing outward if you allow it.

I’m seeing soul music everywhere these days. I saw it at a funeral this week, with loving souls murmuring to one another celebrations of the life just lived. It was soul music to my ears, to hear dozens of voices weaving in and out in the aftermath of loss. It was life music, these hushed voices.

I’m seeing soul music wherever I see people gathered together. Some are duos, some are quartets, some are improvisational links from one to another in passing at a Starbucks . . . . 

Soul music can be found wherever two or more express a connection. It’s everywhere. Look for it in your day, you’ll delight in the many places you find it.

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