The human refining process: Dr. Ken Grey

Not long ago Dr. Ken Grey  acupuncturist, soul vivant  gave me a new perspective on emotional trauma, almost in passing during a conversation.

He was talking about the death throes of his marriage. In addition to the rawness of drifting apart, he’d caused difficulties for those he loved — for months he went through a bleak period grappling with the rupture in his family.

This was not long ago, the experience remains fresh. As we spoke about it he said this: He sees crisis as a way of refining himself.

Someone else might speak a similar sentiment and it may feel a bit too personal-growth glib. Dr. Ken has an almost mystical aura about him; he speaks in hushed tones that demand attention. 

To get your point across Teddy Roosevelt said Speak softly and carry a big stick. Dr. Ken speaks softly and carries a big vision. That even anguish serves a higher purpose.

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In crisis: Speak the awesome word