The Law of Reflection

My friend Dorrie Koller recently found herself exulting in the promotion and financial windfall a woman at work recently received.

Everyone else was walking around giving her the stink eye.

Dorrie knew  as did everyone else  that this woman was the breadwinner for an extended family, including some from an older generation who could no longer work to help make ends meet. Now she could move the clan into a home that would accommodate them.

I walked right up to her and gave her a hug and told her not to mind those others, I was excited for her.

Is it any wonder that Dorrie herself not long after received the most wonderful news regarding a zoning issue on her own home? 

Dorrie reveled in the good tidings for another, even though Dorrie too had been passed over for the promotion. Then came this ruling in her favor, which by her estimate is easily worth $40,000 to her  . . . . 

Was the Law of Reflection operating? You decide.

(The Law of Reflection: What you witness and react to powerfully brings the essence of something similar to you.) 

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