The life in them

Lucky you!
Here’s a lucky penny for you.

I know a woman who rises in the mid of night when beckoned from her sleep, to pen sensual exaltations about spirit-infused creative living.

Today I was with an artist and sculptor who at 60 goes at his grindingly physical work as though he were merely 20. His studio is in the great Florida outdoors. Assistants half his age don’t last. It takes intensity of purpose to make art from heavy metals in heat, humidity, insects, bouts of sun blast, bursts of rain.
There’s an attorney in my family who lives more creatively in the moment than all my artist friends put together. He’s alive to the crackling now like no one I’ve ever seen . . . he’s going to suck out of each minute all he can get. And he’ll take everyone in the vicinity along for the ride.
(He’s my brother, and he ain’t heavy.)
(He’s light, light of heart.)
You know these people too. Who nimbly surf moment to moment, in tune, on beat, connecting. 
I aspire to be one of these people. I am sometimes. Even often enough times. But to live it 24/7, woah.
As Abraham Hicks says, the only measure of success is joy.

For you 
Evan Griffith
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