The Minute of Love (pass it on)

This morning I was catching up with Brian Reekers, my favorite Angel Guy. Admittedly he’s the only angel guy I know . . . but I’m confident even if I knew two or three or thousands, he’d rank highly. He’s just that cool. 

He’s like the Jimmy Buffet of the spiritual world, with a little Burl Ives thrown in (it’s the facial hair). An ex-beachcomber perpetually in shorts and casual shirts, mellow to the core.

At breakfast, he asked:

How can we start a love club?

I wasn’t sure what he was getting at . . . ultimately he fleshed it out like this:

What if millions of people took one minute of their day to think love, wouldn’t that change the world?

What he meant was big, broad expansive love. We all have friends and ideas and spouse and pets love going on — not that I’m lumping those last two together, Bodhi.
If those many millions/billions who desire harmony in the world took one minute at some point in their day to emanate love into the global field . . . woo whoooo.
Brian imagined a rolling love wave as each minute amplified the ones that came before. 
Wouldn’t you want to live in a world where invisible waves of love are cresting all around you? It would become palpable.
(It’s already happening, you know; feel it, exude it, pass it on!)
Note, Brian Reekers latest book  
Angel Whispers: Daily Inspiration From The Angelic Realm
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