the mission & me

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The Mission —

To inspire playful soulful you, to embolden your undeniably magnificent creative spirit, for deeper fulfillment in work and life

  • By sharing how thriving creators work and live
  • By spotlighting tools, practices, and funky real-life experience
  • Through a focus on creativity with a loose contemporary spiritual vibe
  • Because delight and flow and exploration matter, these get time on stage too

I love sifting through the sprawling human archive for nuggets you can use in the spheres that matter most. Work, relationships, your body, your brimming inner spirit, your contribution.

I adore reading, yes I do. Especially memoirs and idea-driven books. You’ll find excerpts from these reading adventures sprinkled often through the posts. You can track the ones you enjoy back to their source book — I provide links.

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How will you benefit?

This site is dedicated to helping you engage your considerable inner resources — so you can live vibrantly, do your best work, and still have time to plunk down in a hammock with a good bookito.

The Notes you’ll find on these pages and in the email newsletter began as a way to encourage me to go deeper — and as a reminder to float lightly above the fray. I hope they do the same for you —

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I’ve been in creative fields my entire adult life, as a writer, art gallery owner, graphic designer and design manager.

I’ve lived the creative life from all ends: doing it, managing it, selling it, consuming it, breathing it, writing bookitos about it.

With the help of a very small team I booted up a multi-million-dollar design department from nothing, virtually overnight, for a global Wall Street investment bank. Oh the 100-hour weeks…

A few years later my not yet wife and I opened an art gallery. Galleries have the death rate of butterflies on a highway — we’re proud to have beaten crazy odds. Studio E Gallery continues to thrive more than 25 years on. We’re the butterfly that made it across the road.

Not only have I worked with hundreds of creatives, as an indie business owner I’ve witnessed firsthand the relentless innovation required of entrepreneurs.

I’ve embarked on mini-adventures for weeks or months at a time, by bike, by motorcycle, by kayak, by van, by campervan. Often quitting lucrative jobs/careers to do so. Now I’ve built my wanderlust into my biz. Several times a year I road trip around America to visit artists in their lairs.

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Three principles

Every site has a drumbeat, interlocking themes so primary they underlie everything else. Here at Evan Griffith|Notes For Creators we believe these three things fervently:

1. You have everything you need

(to start)

(to grow)

(to get to the next level)

(to evolve into who you most fiercely desire to be)

2. Resources accrue to those who go for it

3. It’s all a glorious Mystery, ripe for exploration and adventure

Each of us tunes into aspects of this Mystery in different ways: scientists and mystics, entrepreneurs and creatives, everyday people.

For maximum benefit all we need to do is compare notes.

That’s what we do here. Offer notes on optimal creating from a broad spectrum of sources. It’s crossfit for the creative soul.

May the stories and insights you come across here supercharge your life — helping to remind you of, and immerse you in, your creative spirit power.

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Meaning abounds, thriving happens, originality liberates, there is a creative resolution to every issue…

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