the mission & me

We’re all teachers, and we’re all students.
~ Marianne Williamson


I share insights on the connected creative life.

This site is for creative people with a spiritual vibe.

To help you engage your considerable inner resources so you can live vibrantly, do your best work, and still have time for Game of Thrones.

What?! Spiritual people don’t watch shows like that?? We’re not that kind of spiritual here.

Here we’re open to the culture, to creativity and to the divine. To Snoopy dances and dances with the dark side. When we must.

At Notes For Creators we believe these three things:

1. You have everything you need
(to start)
(to grow)
(to get to the next level)
(to evolve into who you most fiercely desire to be)

2. Resources accrue to those who go for it

3. It is all a glorious Mystery, ripe for exploration and adventure

Each of us tunes into aspects of this Mystery in different ways: scientists and mystics, entrepreneurs and creatives, everyday people.

For maximum benefit all we need to do is compare notes.

That’s what we do here. Offer notes on optimal creating from a broad spectrum of sources. It’s like cross fit for the creative soul.

May the stories and insights you come across here supercharge your life — helping to remind you of, and immerse you in, your creative spirit power.

Evan Griffith


Hello — my name is Evan Griffith.

I’ve been in creative fields my entire adult life, as a writer, graphic designer, manager and art gallery owner.

I’ve lived the creative life from all ends: doing it, managing it, selling it, consuming it, breathing it.

With the help of a very small team I booted up a multi-million-dollar design department from scratch overnight for a global Wall Street investment bank.

Later my wife and I opened an art gallery, which against all odds has been in business for 20 years.

I’ve embarked on mini-adventures for weeks or months at a time, by bike, by motorcycle, by kayak, by van, by campervan. Sometimes quitting jobs/careers to do so.

Not only have I worked with hundreds of creatives, as an indie business owner I witness firsthand the insane creativity of entrepreneurs.

During a time of near-business failure one night on a walk, I looked to the sky and pleaded aloud, “Please take this fear from me!” Within five steps it was gone. So gone I didn’t realize it at first. And then, upon realizing my transcendent sense of calm — rather stupidly — I looked for that sense of dread I’d been living with for months. Where was it? How had it gone so quickly?

That changed everything. From then on I became a lover of the ineffable. Minutes into that experience — the blissful super high lasted for days — I knew I could never go back to looking at the world mundanely. I was now compelled to see through the eyes of awe.

The making of art is no different than prayer.
~ Rainn Wilson

That’s what this site is about.

The art and spirit in life and work . . . .

Creativity, spirituality and glee . . . .

Play, connection and lightheartedness . . . .

The great mystery and the way it peeks its way through everything . . . .

The world is freaky and the world is beautiful. Even what seems awful isn’t, if you can learn to perceive anew.

I know, I’ve lived it.

There is a creative-spirit continuum, and we’re exploring it here, in the most contemporary of ways.

Through those I encounter in my travels and those who are part of the great human archive, in books and blogs and podcasts and videos. (But especially books, we likee the books.) Wherever we find it. It’s far flung, this creative-spiritual spectrum. You’ll find sparkling genius in every land, every creed.

Especially now. There is more of it extant in the world than ever before.

In fact, if you keep your antennae up, you’ll find it in the people and circumstances all around you. And of course you’ll find it oozing from your very own self, if you peek there too.

Meaning abounds, thriving happens, originality liberates, there is a creative resolution to every issue . . . .