The optical illusion of time (how to slow it down)

Here’s one way

When you’re freaking out about how much you’ve got crammed into your day, there’s one counter-intuitive thing you can do to slow it all down.

Really pause. 
Better yet. Stop completely.
Close your eyes. 

Breathe in and out slowly five times. Each time slower than the last.

Think for just a few seconds of what you’d like to see happen, effortlessly. 

Feel that flow. Feel for a fleeting moment how effing good it would feel to see it all come together.

Then engage. Hop back in to the fray. Go to it.

Try it. It’s an amazing reset to the pace of your day. 

I’ve had time literally unblock itself. As in, what seemed impossible somehow in some way suddenly became doable.

(Where, you ask. You don’t have privacy where you’re at.  Slide off to the restroom. Many a day has been saved from behind a stall door.)

Time opens up for those who befriend it.

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