The payoff

snapped at a Gay Pride parade in Lake Worth, Florida

The end-zone dance. The swig of water at the end of the race. The week in Barbados after a flurry of work. The time in the hammock after a robust day. The fist pump after project completion. The braying laughter on the heels of an off-color joke among friends. The embrace upon parting. The quiet nestling in the afterglow of lovemaking . . . 

The award. The payoff. The book. The post. The poem. The startup. The quilt. The contribution. The smile. The raise. The compliment. The relief. The awe. The sharing. The chuckle. The kudos. The moment it sinks in . . . that love was expressed in some way . . . and it was good.

Celebration has many forms. Every version of it comes because we take a moment to reflect on what was created . . . and honor it.
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