The power of the Vision Page — and how to access it

A Vision Page helps you stay connected to your Purpose and your Vision through writing. 

Let’s review the basics first.

Vision Page guidelines:

1. Write today’s date at the top of a sheet of paper

2. Address yourself to the most accessible spiritual aspect you know. 

For me, it is OmJah. A pet name for the divine I created out of Eastern (Om) and Western (Jah) words. 
For me OmJah signifies playfulness, creativity, love, abundance, vitality, even a touch of impishness. And a lot of Hoka Hey — Let’s do this thing!

For you it could be Dear Lord, Self, Your Name, God, G-d, Jesus, Buddha Consciousness, Thoth, Oprah, whatever aspect of the divine you relate to best.

Most days, below the date, I will simply start by writing:


Then I’m off.

3. There are two thrusts to your Vision Page. Appreciation and Creation. Begin with what you’re loving in the here and now of your life.

Let ramble whatever pops to mind. What you’re appreciating, what thrills you, what has pleasantly surprised you. What’s better. What is gorgeous and spacious in your days. Who is adored in your thoughts. Who’s rocking your world. Who’s perfect just as they are. Who you’re loving and why.

This grounds you immediately into the divine immanent within all experience.

4. From there launch into what you’re creating. There are no rules. It could be something you’re creating this day or something you hope to create over the course of a lifetime.

You may find yourself focusing on something big you’d like to create for days on end. Or you may scattershot your way through creations in progress and yet to come, listifying your way through ample dreams.

I find it often helps to speak here to issues that are vexing me. Because I am in Creation Mode after all, it flips me into what I want to create and away from what is irksome.

Issues with people I’d like to resolve get worked out often in these pages. I might briefly state the issue — or even skip straight to the resolution. “Rufus and I have emerged into a better pattern for our friendship.”

5. Write continuously for no more than one page then stop. Or stop when you feel complete. For me sometimes that is within one or two paragraphs.

I almost always feel glorious after completing a Vision Page. I’m vibrating with the goodness in my life, and I’m understanding that what we are creating — me and the divine — is unfolding in the most surprising and delightful of ways.

. . . . . . . .

A couple decades ago everyone was reading Julia Cameron’s The Artist’s Way. In it she advises you to write three morning pages. I believe they were stream of consciousness. That never took with me. I already wrote in my journal. It seemed excessive.

Also, though I meditated I hadn’t yet had the spiritual experience that I’ve written about elsewhere — which propelled me into real spiritual practice. I never finished the book, partially because I was not ready.

Years later, after giving up journaling I began writing daily Vision Pages. These connect me to now and creation in meaningful ways.. . . . . . . .
A Vision Page can be written in a journal, in some kind of digital format, or on a loose sheet of paper.

Personally I prefer handwriting because of the mind-body wholeness to it. 

You’d think you could feel that from typing, but that has not been true for me. Even though I use a keyboard for all my other writings. Possibly it’s because modern screens shoot photons out into your eyes — this may hinder your own inner vision from flowing forth as freely.

At the back of my planner I have a yellow pad fitted onto the inner cover. I open up to this pad and write on the top sheet.

Once finished with the Vision Page I rip it out. When I return to my home office later that day I file in it this year’s Vision Pages folder.

. . . . . . . .

Sometimes a Vision Page is 5 minutes, sometimes 20. Vision Pages are a way for you to adjust nearly continuously — in a conscious way. Rather than in a reactive way. It would be easy to plug up your creation energy because you’re stymied by something.

When you come to the Vision Page you can ask to have the way opened for you. I often do this, aloud and on the Vision Page. Ask for the way to be opened.

I’m mortal. My consciousness here is finite. I can’t see what is the best way. Sometimes I can’t see any way. My mind can only mull over an infinitessimally few possibilities that it thinks are doable.

The Infinite knows better. Asking for the way forward to open is a favorite request of mine.

I write a Vision Page several days a week. Though ideally every day would be good for a Vision Page, I don’t find it necessary. 

What’s interesting is when I do fewer than three Vision Pages in a week I begin to feel it. I can feel a lack of vision beginning to pervade my days.

A Vision Page is a way to connect deeply — and a way to hone what it is you’re creating in the world. It’s like love from my crazily adored wife. I could go without it, but why?

Same with a Vision Page . . . its power accrues the more I immerse myself in it.

For you 

Evan Griffith

You, Creator
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