The question for when there’s not enough time

I feel for newbie creatives with too much time on their hands. I’ve been in that situation  yawning open time. Unless you’ve created your way into that open time, it can be debilitating. Like asking a child with crayons to color the tundra.

Creation is often best begun with constraints. When you yearn for time, you find time. You exploit time pockets. You pry time open with your passion. 

Too much time can be the same as too much food, too much TV/Internet, too many women  dulling.

So the next time you find yourself lamenting you don’t have enough time, ask yourself: 

What do I not have enough time for that is crazily addictively seductively important for me to do?

When you come up with an answer you will begin to open up the time for it.

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