The secret to relaxing your way through many things in a day

I have a full life. I no longer will say I have a busy life. 

Because it’s not . . .  it’s rhythmic! . . .  I’m surprisingly good at on/off for a guy with a retail art business, a writing jones, family I actually like spending time with, friends I adore, a dog.  There’s kid activities and exercise and meditation . . . . There’s genius embedded in book upon book that must be read and uncovered! 

All the things that make a full 21st century day (minus the TV, I don’t do TV any more, hardly ever). 

The reason I will no longer say I have a busy life is because I don’t. I do a lot. There’s much that fits into my day . . . and yet it feels relaxed to me.
I’ve learned the secret to relaxing your way through many things in a day. 

The secret is to take short mini-breaks at every opportunity. And if opportunities don’t show themselves, create those opportunities. 

Miniature breaks in your day are like caesuras in music, pauses that enhance the composition. 

I learned to breathe . . . slowly and deeply wherever I can. I learned to pause. I learned to take a walk, strike a (yoga) pose, phone a friend, listen to a thoughtful audio program . . . I learned to stop, for just a few minutes. 

Then start up again. 

It is so energizing.

So when someone says, Damn what a busy day, I’ll be thinking, Man, that was funjoyable. I’ll be thinking, This day has been crazy good. I’ll be thinking about all the fulfillingness that filled up the day . . . 

I will no longer say I have a busy life . . . because what I seek is an engaged life, a meaningful life. I’m putting the emphasis on my focus. So more of that will accrue.

For you 

Evan Griffith
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