The simplest way to awaken your own creative power

Last week I was with some clients in their wildly innovative home. 

It was a home where a stairwell wrapped through different rooms, railings were art themselves — the metalwork evoking some kind of abstract calligraphy — every passageway to another space in the home was its own adventure . . . 

Being with these clients reconnected me with what art does for people. It connects them to their own ingenuity. 

By immersing yourself in the human id you draw it out in yourself. 

It needn’t be an architectural masterwork, it needn’t be a blue chip masterpiece. It can be a poem, a scrap of something torn from a magazine, it most especially can be something you’ve doodled up yourself.

Sprinkling originality into your day evokes it in you.

Have you ever seen a thinker’s lair? An artist’s studio, for instance. A writer’s bookshelves. An entrepreneur’s office. A researcher’s study. What’s there? Evidence that it can be done. 

There on the walls and fixtures — even possibly in the construction of the furniture itself — will be evidence of human genius at work.

By surrounding yourself with artifacts of creation’s power you amplify it in yourself. 

Part of the What creators do series.

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From Ray Bradbury: A clean clear example of how far reaching and clever your subconscious mind is
What will this day bring?