The sublime paradox of limits

A nonessentialist thinks if you have limits you will be limited. An essentialist knows that if you have limits you will be limitless. 

~ Gregg McKeown, from Essentialism: The Disciplined Pursuit of Less

In the art world this truth is quickly made self evident. You need only go back a few hundred years to take in a breathtaking array of visual art . . . all enclosed within a simple, flat space.
The only constants are the rectangle, the flat plane and pigment. Sometimes not even pigment.
From this rectangle springs realism, impressionism, abstraction, the pattern and decoration movement, surrealism, cubism, fauvism, expressionism, pop art and so much more.
In sports, in chess, in department stores, in classrooms, in baby cribs, it’s similar. The spatial configuration is limited but the expression runs rampant within those confines. 

Your constraint is your 24-hour day. 

Pay attention to the masters. It’s what you leave out that makes the difference between mediocre and amazing.

For your amazing day — your amazing life — fillet your activities like a finely de-boned salmon. 

Leave only what feeds you.

For you 

Evan Griffith
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