The Three

Do you ever think of reducing your priorities into three main themes? Even more, three words?

Strategic thinking guru Jim Collins’ edict haunts me:

“If you have more than three priorities, you don’t have any.”

I have a tendency to moreness. Adding more. Saying yes to more. 

I’ve been countering this tendency for years now. It’s a chaotic dance . . . More! Less! More! Less! Yet overall it’s working, this pendulum method.

The Three

  1. Connection
  2. Creation
  3. Rhythm

These are mine. 


(Tomorrow I may partake of the dance πŸ™‚

Succinctly, here’s what’s contained in those three terms:


Rich relationships

Spiritual connection

Engaging in a real way with those I encounter as I move through this modern era. Be it salesperson, telemarketer, pool guy, our team, or any of the hundreds of others I make contact with in life, I want to connect in some small way wherever possible.


Consciously creating at work at Studio E Gallery.

Consciously creating in self-expression. Here and in my creative projects.

Consciously creating a life worth living.


The rhythm is what makes it a song worth singing. It’s all about orchestrating the beats. And making sure to take pauses. For reflection. For renewal. For mindlessness. 

(Because mindlessness is a tool too. A highly effective one.)

We all have our personal rhythm that allows the best to surface. Ignore that rhythm and all that is good sinks away from view. 

For you β€”

Evan Griffith

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