The twice-lived experience: Call for it, it will come

Yesterday I was kicking back in a second-row captain’s chair in the new MoFave van. Dozing really. My cap pulled over my eyes, side door slid wide open. Windows open, breeze bustling its way through to get at the trees on the other side. The Weeki Wachee River splayed out in front of the van, only a few feet away.

An hour earlier a baby manatee swam around and under my kayak as if I were his Mama.

Only twenty minutes earlier my niece and I had climbed out of the river, after kayaking (me) and paddle boarding (she) at a good clip for a couple of hours. Her older sister was waiting to whisk her off to a going-away party for a friend. I settled in to wait for the eight remaining family members to come bobbing by.

Mid-nap I awoke with a smile. You know what blissed me out and woke me? A breeze of a memory. 

It was only maybe three or four years ago I’d used this very experience as a visualization tool — for this very van. At the time, post-crash, it was an impossibility to be dreaming of a new van, one that would: 

1) work like a horse for our gallery (Mo = mobile ops), 

. . . and simultaneously. . . 

2) play like Tom Robbins high in the middle of one of his fantastical novels (Fave = family adventure vehicle). 

In visualizations both written and daydreamed I had played out a scenario like this one:

— I was relaxing in the MoFave, parked under some trees

— Water was nearby; I could hear it through the open windows

— We’d just had some kind of family fun together time

— The gallery was running smoothly without me at that moment

— My creative work was so fulfilling that I was lost in contemplation of the project I was working on

To live this experience with only minor modifications jolted me from my nap. It’s not that I was thunderstruck. It was more like a quiet hell yeah moment. As in, 

Hell yeah, that’s the way it works. Keep on dreaming. Keep on creating. Keep on moving. Shower as many people as you can with love energy and watch this flame spark even higher. Spread the word. Lighthearted dreams wiggle their way into your life sooner or later. Keep the faith. Keep the dream. Keep the creativity flowing. Be alive to the openings around you . . .

For you 

Evan Griffith
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