The un-cost of commitment

You know what a commitment costs? Almost nothing at all . . . after you’ve grooved into it.

Do you think it’s painful for Steven King to write every day after having done so for decades? No, it is painful for him not to write for a day. 

Is it difficult for me to meditate daily after having done so for years? No, difficulty only arises when I don’t meditate for a day. 

Is it painful for George Clooney to be so good looking . . . No! 

There’s an open secret about commitment. It costs nothing at all, it takes nothing at all. People make commitment out to be incredible sacrifice. Rarely. More often there is a rapturous regularity to it once established.

Ask Miles Davis, Nikola Tesla, Brother Lawrence, your mother.

Commitments are incredible gifts of individuality, as we will all commit to different aspects of life. 

Do you want another sweet truth about commitment? Commitment can start impossibly small. Five minutes a day can be a good start. 

Want to be create something? Start with five minutes, every day, for weeks. 

Want to evolve yourself? Start exploring something meaningful for five minutes a day, for weeks. 

Groove in from there. 

(You know, ten minutes, then fifteen, then more, day after day, week after week, till you’re grooved in, you groovy thing.)

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