The way to clarity


You know what I didn’t know I wanted?

I didn’t know I wanted to run an art gallery until nearly a year into a year-long sabbatical. Now it’s the hub of my existence.

I absolutely did not want a child ever, until I was several years into a relationship that changed me. Now I would be grief stricken beyond repair without that woman and kid of mine.

I had no interest in blogging until a friend mentioned it. Several times. Until I realized at least 100 pages of a book I was writing were better suited to blog posts. Now blogging’s my daily creative touchstone. 

This is the way it is for most people.

Did Steve Jobs set out to become a tech visionary?

No. At first he was busy pilgrimaging to India, grappling with existential questions. Tech was almost accidental.

Some grow up Mozart. Some grow up Tiger Woods. Where talent and a domineering parent forge the path you will take for life.

Some grow up knowing from an early age what they are meant to do. Like Paramahansa Yogananda, who wrestled against his family for years to become a spiritual devotee . . . They finally relented. It took running away a time or two.

The rest of us find clarity by diving into what calls us in the moment. Until we uncover our greater calling.

Clarity comes from engagement not thought.

~ Marie Forleo


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