The World of Many Paths: Living mobile

Bike living: The guy who owns this hangs out at
the library for long hours, with his tablet plugged
into the network. He’s a fit sixty something . . .
I hope to have an interview for you soon.

Before opening the art gallery — and after my short career on Wall Street — I lived in a van for a few months. It wasn’t out of necessity, it was adventure. 

I was driving around the warmer parts of America, searching for an art area to call home.

Over the years I’ve come across people who’ve lived unconventionally:

A student who lived in the woods of Melbourne, Florida, while attending the Florida Institute of Technology — so he could graduate without debt. (He buried his most prized possessions underground, in the event of robbery. Quite a few people lived out in the woods, he said, though as far as he could tell none of the others were students.) 

A hippy in Santa Fe who lived in a tipi. Two tipis! He had a guest tipi too. I stayed with him a couple of nights while on a bicycle trip. We had to trowel our poop into the hard New Mexican clay. Rain came too infrequently to wash it away. 

Our insurance agent and his wife, who, although they have a home base, live a great deal of their time in their RV. Working and playing from locations around the South.

And many, many more.
I envision a day when it is common to live mobile. Whether for a short duration or indefinitely. More infrastructure and driveway rentals will allow for this cheaper mode of living.
Services like AirBnb makes it easy to rent a driveway. WalMart allows campers to overnight in most of its parking lots. There’s already an informal network of all-night stores and backstreet nooks that people take advantage of to sneak some sleep.
For both the entrepreneurial and the creative lifestylers among us, it’s an exciting new world. You can temporarily rent out your side yard and make some extra money. Or you can slash your housing expenses and take to the road while writing your opus.
(Click here to read about how one such innovative thinker traded his services for living on our land.)
There are always options beyond the obvious. We’re living in the World of Many Paths now.

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