There’s a call and response to this reality that is sublime

There are many posts here about how effective writing down your vision can be. 

Not only in the conventional way, where you write it down as a goal, but in the mental-spiritual way . . . where you ask . . . or where you envision . . . or where you stream possibility onto the page.

Example: Have you written it down yet, your dream?

Most work mornings I write a vision page just before breakfast. It’s generally a two-parter, the first part being about what I’m loving in the world that day, the second part launching into something I’d like to create in my life. 

It could be growing myself, it could be something I wish to experience . . . .

Just yesterday as I wrote my page I asked for this:

OmJah [a pet name for the divine]

I have a question I’d like answered in  the most easy breezy of manners: What is up with Blanco? 

Please send me a communication.

Blanco — unfortunately not his real name, because who wouldn’t want a good friend named Blanco — is one of my dearest forever friends and I hadn’t heard from him in awhile. 

He’d gone underground, dealing with some difficult life stuff that hadn’t gone the hoped and expected way. So, I didn’t want to intrude but I wanted some kind of communication letting me know that he was as OK as he could be.

About 7 hours later I’m chatting with a friend — in fact a mutual friend of Blanco’s — he, Blanco and I are kind of an unholy friendship triumvirate going back many years. As we’re talking this and that another call comes in.

Mutual friend: Oh, that’s Blanco, I’ll call him back later. What in God’s name . . .  I haven’t had a call all day long and now you both call at the same time.

Me (alert to the sign): I haven’t talked to Blanco in a dog’s age. We had a couple calls back and forth a couple weeks back but I left the last two messages and haven’t heard back.

Then off we went talking about whatever we’d been speaking about, without giving it another thought.

An hour after this, Blanco called.

. . . . . 

Wasn’t that curiously sweet timing?

Felt easy breezy to me.

. . . . . 

I love to share these deliriously synchronistic experiences. There’s a call and response to this reality that is sublime if you pay attention. And we pay attention to them here. My new Mission and Me page details one . . . 

There are many ways to tap into the ecstatic mystery coursing in undercurrents through our lives. 

Asking is one way. 

Writing it down is another way. 

Conversing daily through written letters so that you become conscious of the divine extraordinary every day is another.

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