There’s a new religion being born: Positive Soul

Hark, there’s a new religion being born. Let’s call it Positive Soul.

It’s American for sure. In the way that America is a crossroads of cultures. This new religion crosses religions, though really, it’s no religion at all  yet through it diverse schools of thought recognize commonalities in each other.

Positive Soul is positive psychology and positive thinking and spiritual seeking and spiritual eclecticism all swirled together into one tasty frittata.
Positive Soul borrows inclusivity from the Hindus, mindfulness from the Buddha, expansive love from Jesus, spiritual healing from Mary Baker Eddy and her New Thought cousins, prosperity consciousness from Think And Grow Richers, and effortless action from those Zen precursors, the Daoists. 
Positive Soulers are inspired by Native American wisdom and mythical archetypes a la Joseph Campbell and Carl Jung. Lay down tracks that include African tribal drums, Middle Eastern chants and Sting . . . and you can jump start a Positive Soul party anywhere.

Positive Soul spiritualizes creativity. 
The Positively Soulful are creators and subsiders. They flow and they form. Positive Soul values intention . . . and surrender. Envisioning . . . and releasing. Doing . . . and playing. 

Positive Soulers consider their lives a work of art. The Positively Soulful weave meaning into their days, and seek to do the same for those they adore.

A Positive Soul begins the day in reverence, lopes through it with heart, and is contemplative at day’s end.

In Positive Soul you can embrace your inner Jew or Sufi or Rastafarian . . . as well as your outer entrepreneur, your pagan spirit, your Sunday worship, your Saturday night exuberance. If you embrace all things, yours and not yours, foreign or familiar, you are Positive Soul. 

If you see frolic as a form of reverence, Positive Soul is you. If being light of heart is a higher calling, you are on the Positive Soul path.

Positive Soul discards the nonsensical and nonessential from ages past, while likely picking up new craziness on its experimental quest for greater understanding. Positive Soul is an accepting place, gathering together world wisdom that works, wherever it can be found.

For you —

Evan Griffith
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