There’s a way

There’s a way. You know it, I know it, the universe knows it.

How do we know it?

Human history.

All the tales of wonder, the reversals of misfortune — and stories like you read here.

Knowing there’s a way frees up a lot of energy. Now you can imagine — with a touch of awe — how this way will come about. How might it come to you? How will it play out? You can unfetter your fertile mind.

When you know there’s a way, you needn’t fret or worry. You can be playful. You can wiggle your antennae and pick up signals that distressed antennae are too burdened to sense. By accepting there is a way — knowing it — reveling in this rock-solid fact, you draw it to you. You draw inspiration, you draw ideas, you open windows where there were walls . . . and you crawl right through. You draw people who show you a better way, you conjure circumstances that deliver what you need to propel you on your way.

I know there’s a way from my own recent experience. The impossible has routinely become possible.

Here’s the coolest concept you can ever internalize: Every conceivable thing you can do works! Prayer, meditation, visualization, serving others, affirmations, asking, contemplation, writing out your ideal resolution, howling wild and naked in the elements, declarations (yep, saying it out loud, sistah), journaling, taking inspired action, and so much more . . . do what feels right and good. It all works.

There’s always a way, even for the wayward.

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