Things you can do in a van

Somewhere in Middle America
only a dimension away from Middle Earth

I’ve made small talk, I’ve made love, I’ve made money, I’ve made adventure — 

I’ve endured loss, I’ve saved a business, I’ve carried artwork (scads of artwork), I’ve hauled cargo, I’ve moved homes, I’ve helped people with their moves —

I’ve slept in it, eaten in it, road tripped in it, cried in it, yelped for joy in it —

I’ve traversed mountain passes, wound through tight scenic downtowns from yesteryear reinvented for today’s tourists (Bisbee, Taos, Santa Fe, Asheville, Rockport), muscled through many a big city congestion, parked where no RV could fit, napped in Western towns under an unblinking sun, nibbled snacks in Eastern resort spots with the whiff of big water breezing in through the open windows —

There’s no other vehicle on the planet that affords such easy access to such an array of experience.

It’s capabilities are legion. A van is a possibility activator.

For you 

Evan Griffith
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