This kooky Law of Attraction

Some people think this Law of Attraction is kooky. But is it any kookier than other concepts that work for some people?

— God would create a Hell
— And that you would be judged and possibly sent there for forever torment by a loving God
— If you were bad to the bone you’d be reincarnated back next time as a bug

Yes, you will be judged — as you always are — by You — in light of Supreme Love. And if you find yourself wanting, there are so many more adventures to choose, creations to conjure, to train yourself up. Up up up! Up.

Up you go, even if you feel downward bound.

Back to this kooky Law of Attraction. Though I feel it’s misnamed — it should be called the Law of Creation, as it is all about how we create. And whether or not we are flowing the creation current in the direction we want.

Here’s one thing I like about Law of Attraction-ism. Nobody owns it!

It’s a big messy cohort with no supreme leader. You can’t be blackballed from the Law of Attraction, you can’t be ex-communicated. There’s no organization to say you’re in or you’re out.

It wouldn’t work for baseball, but that’s my kind of religio-spiritual concept. No umpire. Though of course there are many shouting excitedly from the sidelines, letting you know what they think! No harm there, makes the game even more interesting.

The Abraham-Hicks material and The Secret may have kicked off its current popularity, but it’s been around under this name for 100 years, evolving out of the American New Thought movement (William Atkinson’s 1906 book was the first to use Law of Attraction in the title, though the phrase came about earlier).

Before and since it’s existed in many guises, all with a similar theme — that you — your mind emotion soul stuff — influence your world and the events in it.

Most Law of Attractioners feel Jesus articulated the clearest early summation: Therefore I tell you, whatever you ask for in prayer, believe that you will receive it, and it will be yours.

It makes sense to me that we have yet to divine a full understanding of our capacity to create. We are constantly discovering new principles by which the universe operates. It seems every hundred years brings a new revelation.

Is it far fetched to imagine that this innate creation ability won’t be better codified in the future, in another hundred years. Or five thousand years? Or a million years hence?

I don’t understand it of course. I grasp the concept certainly, though full understanding is beyond me. But I don’t understand most things — not fully, maybe not even partially — and I’m happy to say so because that’s true for everyone, even those who think they understand it all.

This doesn’t stop me from finding concepts that I don’t fully understand useful. Nor does it stop me from having insights pertaining to those things I don’t fully grasp, which make my participation in life more effective.

I do this all the time, in love, in small business economics, in water, in vehicular motion, in virtually everything that falls under the law of cause and effect.

A couple other aspects of the Law of Attraction that I’m . . . (sorry) . . . attracted to:

1) The concept pre-supposes a universe in which laws, subtle or obvious, have been created that are applicable to all. Not a chosen few.

2) Existing within the concept is this elegant additional idea: that we can all achieve degrees of mastery in our lives — and — like oxygen, we don’t even have to believe in it to use it and accrue its benefits. We simply will find our way to maximal usage. I do this with oxygen all the time with very little study.

All I know is that the Law of Attraction adds a thrilling new layer of potential — for play in the world of creation. Why not experiment with the possibilities?

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