Speaking to your Power: This one’s for you

Today I speak this right through you into your Power:

You are gifted —

You have what you seek —

You are fleet of mind —

You rise up as needed, you rally —

You have Spirit coursing through your veins —

You seep goodness out into the world even when you don’t know that you do — especially when you don’t know that you do

You are capable —

You are ready —

You have what you need — listen

You are a marvel in time and space and vibrating, alive matter —

You —

You sling soul with the best of them —

Love you —

Bless you —

Thrive you —

Awesome you —

You sing, you float, you ripple the world with your thoughts —

With your actions —

With your soul self engaged —

You rock —

You spin —

You whirl —

You do you to perfection– all else is icing on the cake of you

You . . . are a gift —

Thank you — for spilling your You-ness around —

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