Three-ish words to amplify your affirmations

Many of us take on mantras. Phrases that we self identify with. Almost like personal mottos that remind us of our core values.

For example, when I worked in my Dad’s tire store in my misspent youth my Dad was fond of saying this:

“It’s a good life as long as we don’t weaken.”

There are millions who’ve practiced self-suggestion in one form or another, for business or personal or spiritual reasons. 

When we repeat phrases speaking to our highest ideals they are called affirmations. 

Most often these are I am statements, though not exclusively. I am a savvy negotiator and The universe opens the way for me always are perfectly acceptable affirmations. Both are statements asserting the reality in which you prefer to reside.

When we declare these same things out loud to ourselves, as T. Harv Eker suggests, they are called declarations. We are not merely affirming them, we are declaring them by Jupiter! 

We are adding force by speaking them aloud, rather than in whisper mode in our minds. 

I’ve gone from lukewarm about affirmations to what can only be described as slavishly rigorous in my daily declarations during my morning drive from home. 

Nothing propels one like success. Here’s one example.

To speak aloud your highest aspirations for yourself is a kind of reverberant prayer when in the confines of a car. Especially when you’re chatting up OmJah.

Lately I’ve hit upon an opening phrase to each declaration that has really ratcheted up the experience to a new level for me. It’s something I think you might appreciate as well.

Let’s say one of these is an affirmation of yours:

For a struggling artist: 

I am one groovy art chick making an abundant living from my art offerings.

— or — 

For a self-doubter: 

I am capable.

Add this to the beginning of the affirmation and then feel the difference: 

I’m loving that . . .

It’s both a softener and a relisher. 

I’m loving that softens any unbelief. It’s amazing how much more you relish your affirmation when you throw I’m loving that up front. The whole thing just becomes funner. 

I’m loving that I am one groovy art chick making an abundant living from my art offerings.

Can you feel the difference there?

I’m loving that I am capable.

Don’t those both sound more appealing? Like you’re there.

When I began adding this pre-statement to my daily declarations the routine became bountifully more playful.

It became easier to riff off of a central idea. 

I’m loving this! 

I’m loving that!

Living in the faux South (South Florida) I like to downhome it further by dropping the ‘g’: 

I’m lovin’ that . . .

I’m lovin’ that I’m a super-charged creator, a joyful love-spirit spark set loose in the world. (!) 

I’m lovin’ that I’m being guided to my highest and best and to the highest and best for all. 

I’m lovin’ all the good that flows my way and all the good I can flow today.

Try this when you want to amp up your affirmations. To really feel it, speak it out loud. I promise you that you’ll feel a substantial difference. You’ll find it easier to frolic your way into that possible future you so desire. 

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