Three thoughts from two 90-year olds on the one thing that matters most

Yesterday a vibrant couple walked in the gallery. They’d just celebrated the gentleman’s 90th birthday. These two were spry physically, and nimble mentally.

After they thwarted me in my attempt to scrape some skin off for DNA cloning purposes, I asked the inevitable question: 

What’s your secret?

Here are their three pieces of life advice, all said with a glorious twinkle in their eyes:

  1. Have a sense of humor, about everything. Especially things you think are bad. (As in, we’re in America for god’s sake, how bad is it really compared to billions of others elsewhere.)
  2. Don’t hang out with old people! All they do is kvetch about their problems. Hang out with people who are living for something.
  3. Enjoy what you have and what you’re doing  right now, always.

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