Three visions of perfection: Worldwide Plaza, Manhattan

This is a story of approaching a tower. 

One night years ago my mom (MomJo!), my sister (Sistah!), and me (me) were walking down Eight Avenue from the Upper West Side in New York City. 

It was not long after the Worldwide Plaza was built on a city block. Though it is three separate buildings stepping down in height, it is always the tallest, grandest one you think of when you speak of Worldwide Plaza.

As we walked south at one point the magnificence of that building exploded into view. It’s a powerfully square building topped by a pyramid of glass, light bursting through it in all directions in the darkness. 

As we marveled at the effect of the building upon us, here’s what was said, in order:

Sistah: Wow, I want to eat in a restaurant up there.

Me: Man, I want to live in that glass pyramid.

MomJo: I want to be the red light at the top!

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