Three ways to pause in a busy day

You know how important it can be to pause to reboot yourself in the midst of a busy day. 

Taking a few minutes to close your eyes, to breathe long, slow breaths, to shake off the thousand-and-one things crowding your mind . . . is a mental luxury you shouldn’t skip. But if you don’t work from home or have a private office, how do you do it?

Here are three ways to pause in the middle of a busy day:

  1. Take a bathroom break: There’s no better way to turn the world off quickly. Usually it’s just steps away from wherever you’re at. You don’t need to go — unless you need to go — you just need to get there . . . and unwind.

    When I was working on Wall Street and the cacophony became too much I would sometimes scoot to a far-away bathroom, the better not to encounter someone I worked with all the time.

    There’s peace to be had behind a closed stall door!

  2. Head to your car: I’ve done this many times, gone into full meditation posture for just a few minutes right there behind the steering wheel.
  3. Go for a walk: This method could be the best of all. You clear your mind while clearing toxins from your body, even if you’re only circumnavigating the building you work in.

    Movement always brings benefits. More oxygen, yes, greater flexibility, certainly, but it’s movement that activates your lymph system, the drainage system for your body. There’s simply no better way for ridding your body of what it doesn’t want than to get into motion.

Five, ten minutes later you’re back at work, accomplishing more in the next fifteen minutes than you might have in an hour. These are breaks even a big, bad boss can endorse. Especially if she wants results that matter.
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