Time without teachers

This post was inspired by Gil Vega, who first spoke of this idea to me in the context of his own life — specifically the trading and market advice he takes in every day. He was wondering if he were to quit the teachers for a month, would he perform better? Have more time? Feel better overall?

I’m one who is thrilled to be absorbing material — on a daily basis — from a number of sources. Spiritually of course, but also in other realms that never cease to fascinate me. Basic to these areas of interest is this core idea: optimizing me.

For business, for productivity, for effectiveness, for vitality, for relationships, for equanimity, for home improvement, for joy, for understanding, for . . . all the zesty life enhancement I can handle.

Until Gil brought up his idea of eliminating the teachers — he was considering doing it for a month — I never thought about what a preponderance of instructional material I go through on my bookshelves (and in my car in audio programs) (and on my IPad) (and in my email) (and coming from the lips of many).  

This past week I took a three-day break from teachers, guides and gurus. In the way that some people fast periodically, this may become a cherished habit.

It may not sound like much, but it’s like giving up six packs of cigarettes to a disciplined smoker. It’s a start.

For those instructional junkies like me, I suggest we all take a period of time — could be a day, could be a week — where we listen only to our own counsel.

What if you were to commit to ___ days without teachers? No teacher, no preacher, no advice screecher.

Instead take 30 minutes a day to sit in the silence of your Self. Let that be all the counsel you need.

You may only end up tracking your breath — or the number of fantasies you can conjure in those minutes, but that is something. It is the beginning of self instruction.

Or don’t do any insteads — enjoy your time away.

Hey mister, you may ask, isn’t this blog a form of teaching? Oh the irony. Oh the contradiction! No, not really, I see it more as a conduit for inspiration, for — OK, you got me, yes dammit, I guess it can be a bit of that.

You’ll have to stop reading this blog site for  ___ days too. (Though perhaps you could sneak it in under the guise of entertainment.)

A side effect of time without teachers is the ability to internalize teachings better. You can imagine a rhythm where you absorb then synthesize, by taking the downtime to play conceptually.

In the past I’ve fasted from TV, from food, from use of the word awesome, why not from education too?

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