Today I’m wearing two belts; I’m OK with that

Many people wear several hats. A metaphor for the different roles they take on, in business or personal life.

Today I’m wearing two belts and I’m not speaking metaphorically. Not one bit. 

This morning I donned a pair of pants that already had a thin belt snaking through the belt loops. I managed to weave another belt through the loops . . . snap both belts shut . . . and wear both belts . . . for hours . . . ! . . . until going to the bathroom. 

Whereupon my overbeltedness confronted me. 

It was like a Mission Impossible scenario — to get them both unhinged before my biological process, ahem, burst forth. The countdown had already begun upon locking the bathroom door—

How’s that for inattentiveness?

Can we tease an insight out of this? 

The obvious one is mindfulness. Another is don’t be thinking of your day while you’re dressing.Maybe even planning ahead, having everything laid out the night before so you can majestically leap into your life’s mission upon waking.

But you know what? I’m cool with inexplicably wearing two belts. I don’t believe in mindfulness all the time.

In fact, knowing that reverie incubates ideas I think we should forgive ourselves our inattentive lapses. Celebrate them even.

Daydreaming is a form of genius that’s getting lost in the modern era. With devices (virtually) attached to our prefontal lobe (for now) (you know that day is coming, when they’re attached to our prefontal cortex for real), the pockets of time throughout our day for mental release have disappeared.

The art of getting lost in your thoughts . . . is getting lost. 

If I have to occasionally wear two belts to do my part in bringing back that lost art, so be it.

I’m here for you, world of ideas. I’m reporting for duty.

For you 

Evan Griffith
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