Today we climbed a tree (and no one got hurt)

I say this  no one got hurt  because Zane is an adventure-prone kid. He’s not even ten and he’s:

  • broken two arms (jumping out of a truck; rough-housing with me on a hammock of all places)
  • hairline cracked a foot (Tae Kwon Do)
  • smashed a testicle (recently, wrestling with a friend; the good news, he gets to keep it)
  • bonked his head earlier today trying something new on a slide
  • other sprains, strains, bruises, cuts, lacerations and stitches, too numerous to detail
So you don’t go into the trees nonchalantly with this one. You want to know where the keys to the car are . . . and make sure your insurance is up to date.

Today we climbed a tree for fun and exercise. We’re inventing new ways to have physical fun now that the pool  the love of young Zane’s life  is out for the winter.

Last week we drove to the beach one afternoon after school and hiked down to the pier a mile or so away. Hurricane Sandy was passing, the surf was ferocious. We hunted down shells as waves swept tsunami-lite-style up the shoreline, skimmed stones (badly), added ramparts onto an abandoned sand fort that were washed away within minutes. 

He did homework in the car crazy happy on the way home.

The point is, exercise needn’t be deadening, it can be enlivening. Exercise can be adventure as much as it is effort.

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