The trick to money is having some

Stuart Wilde
– metaphysical wildebeast – wrote a book called The Trick to Money is Having Some.

Though it may sound oxymoronic – or even moronic, forget the oxy! – what he means is simple: 

Live well below your means. 

You will feel unencumbered. 

You will accumulate savings. 

You’ll be able to contribute where you wish. 

Which will make you feel well off. 

Which will attract more money, more opportunities, more chances for growth.

Almost four years ago the stock market crashed and there was icy fear in my veins. At the time we thought we were living below our means – and we were
 – but not well below our means. 

Sure, we were contributing 10%. We were saving 10% or more. We’d built up a little rainy day money . . . But were we living well below our means? By no means.

Now as we make our comeback I’m more attentive to Stuart Wilde’s formula, to living well below our means. For example: I follow several minimalists (on the Internet, not around town). This is not because I wish to become a minimalist but because I’m a moderationist who can be inspired by the minimalist ethos, to waste little, to be encumbered by little.

Be comfortable within your purse. Extravagance will buy you discomfort. 

–  Sri Yukteswar 

The Autobiography of a Yogi by Paramahansa Yogananda

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