Two questions, one answer: What we all want more of in 2013 and beyond beyond

Just before the new year I sent the following two questions to a number of friends. I’ll be highlighting some of their answers as I get them collected . . . but this was one so good, so universal I had to jump right in and post it now!

First, the two questions:

1. What one habit, behavior or routine would most benefit you in 2013 and beyond?
2. What one habit, behavior or routine do you think would most benefit me in 2013 and beyond?

Here’s the response from life-long friend Dan Richards, including his reference to my scraggly ass:

Dear Soul Surfer Evs, 

I am inclined to answer the same for both questions. 

I think it is increasingly important to cultivate friendships and people in your life with whom you can laugh. I doubt there are many days you or I don’t go without smiles and heartfelt laughter, but understand there can never be too much of it. 

The benefits are numerous and obvious, of course: health, perspective, love. 

It also allows one not to take themselves and their circumstances too seriously. So, for me, I want to laugh even more in 2013. 

You should too! 

The only other routine that immediately comes to mind is for you to get your scraggly ass in your van and visit us more in 2013.  

Happy New Year my laughing buddha brother! 

Love, Dan

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