Two to delight — and maybe even set your soul afire

Speaking of crazy and rare cool cats — check out Zero Dean. His URL is his name. He definitely is part of our crazy posse. So, since I decided to pick a team — who would be your next pick?
Travii — Zero Dean! Good nomination. What fun. Another one tiptoeing his way through the delightful tulips of his days . . . .  
My pick of the moment is Jacob Nordby. I opened my most recent newsletter with this quote of his:

Blessed are the weird people — poets, misfits, writers, mystics, painters, troubadours — for they teach us to see the world through different eyes.

Here’s a link to one of his sites — yes, he has multiple sites — where does he get the time?? 
You’ll enjoy tripping down the page of this one:

It is filled with modern sageness and timeless yesness.

I was an easy and immediate Nordby convert — he had me at Blessed Are — (followed by Weird People). 

Like you, Travis, he is impossibly good looking. It’s so not fair. This man writes with flair, is genetically blessed, and exudes a love-it-all-like-it-is radiance that is otherworldly. And he’s wise! He’s witty! He speaks in tongues . . . . 

Nah, but he speaks for our era of inclusivity. Like he’s channeling Jack Kerouac by way of Osho.

To me Jacob Nordby epitomizes what may become a significant theme of this conversation: Embracing nowness . . . while charging forth into the becomingness.
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