Two types of wounds (Question for today)

Breakdown in Somewhere, Nebraska

There are two types of wounds.

You’re wounded by what happened

  • She took her love to town and didn’t take you with her
  • He hurt you, bad
  • Everything fell apart when __________ happened
  • You went on an adventure and things took a turn for the worse, much worse.(Oh wait, this slides into the second type of wound . . . )

You’re wounded by what didn’t happen

  • You didn’t find long love, the kind that lasts the length of a lifetime
  • You didn’t achieve the greatness you assumed would be yours
  • You couldn’t have children
  • You haven’t found your groove . . . and everything feels . . . amiss

They’re all one wound. The wound of unrequited expectation. You expected something and it didn’t play out that way. It’s all unmet expectations.

So what do you do with expectations that weren’t met? Seriously, what do you do with them? So they don’t fuck with the life in front of you right now.

How do you release thwarted expectations and get on with this wild ride?

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