Unearthing everyday joy (one way)

Part of the mission here at The World Is Freaky Beautiful is unearthing everyday joy. You can see everyday joy peeping through in this post, or bursting through in this post. And this one too. 

An interesting thing happens to one who archives everyday joy. You begin finding it everywhere. So much so that within months you could take any hour of the day and write about some offhand delight that occurred within it.

The richness inherent to every moment of every day starts to find its way into you . . . and you begin to live in a world of happy. Not in a nonsensical, surface-y way, but in an ecstatic to be immersed in the mystery kind of way.

I’m not suggesting you start a blog . . . there’s 173 billion of us already doing that . . . you could . . . or you could quietly unearth everyday joy yourself. At the end of each day jot down your day’s discoveries in a notebook or a Google Doc . . . 

I guarantee you won’t be the same person in three month’s time. 

A lighter version of you will come to the fore, a version of you that has an easy laugh . . . who revels in deep relationships and chance encounters. The you who knows there’s a nugget of something wildly cool and blissed-out beautiful in each person you encounter  . . . and can’t wait to uncover it.

This version of you is already here. Awaiting its own uncovering. 

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