Universe, God, Spirit and other nicknames

As you read through these blog articles you will find that I can’t settle down and reference the Ultimate in any one fashion. I don’t use consistent terminology, such as God or Yahweh or Spirit or Energy or Singularity or Stardust or Infinite Intelligence . . . I can’t even end this sentence I have so many pet names pouring out of me!

Is it because I’m indecisive? Irresolute? A Gemini?

Well, yes, I am those things, though those qualities have nothing to do with not choosing one term above all for the All.

It is because my reference is entirely experiential — meaning that I only have the totality of my quite finite experience from which to tease out understanding of the Immeasurable. See? There I go again.

Knowing that whatever I think or articulate is (massively) incomplete, gives me the freedom to speak to any aspect of the Divine I desire when a name is required to give a sentence meaning.

You’ll see I prefer capitalizing a word to emphasize its stand-in for some flavor of the Infinite. In fact, I really really love capitalizing two words and squishing them together: SpiritFlow! GodSpirit!

An exclamation point never hurts either. Enthusiasm, as you’ve probably heard ad nauseam, comes from this root: en-theos, in God.

Nauseum, you may not be aware, comes from this root: nauseous museum of Latinate words.

Essence du Creator!

Nah, that doesn’t work — why? Three words, two of them French.

But you get the drift. To use only one term is limiting the Unlimited. To choose only one viewpoint is finite-ing Infinity.

My favorite term for God is You. When alone, I am constantly addressing my Source as You. You serves many functions. It is personal, the way I feel when immersed in Spirit. You can be All That Is, or You can refer to my Greater Self, that wiser, eternal Self who sees further than I do. Context allows You to be as big or as intimate as I need it to be for the moment.

You is also devoid of history. There’s no dogma attached to You. I can’t get chained down in You. But, my God, I can swim in You. I can delight in You. I can — and do — flow in You.

And you — dearest reader — are You to me.

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