Unlive it (like this)

A little over a year ago I got caught up in an ugly, very public spectacle. Though my attempts at reconciliation were rebuffed, the feelings lingered. 

How do you power down a memory that dogs you?

Here’s one way. Relive it. And with each reliving gush the gooiest kind of love you can muster all over it. 

In my case, the shock of Zhu-Zhu confronting me in a crowded hallway lingered . . . each time the memory surfaced, so did those distasteful feelings. 

My secret to unliving an unpleasant experience: 

Live it, love it. 

You won’t have to forgive it. Love is bigger than that. It’s so big that when you hurl love at something it simply washes away the rancor.

When I think of Zhu-Zhu now I’m immediately struck by how fond I am of her. It is the unlikeliest of outcomes given what went down.

Only love can do that.

Living at the speed of laughter
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