Verge culture, verge Spirit

“Every day, I talk about verge culture, the audience we sell to  –  the press people, entrepreneurs, corporations, basically anyone who wants to know. These kids are so often misunderstood because of the way they dress or look. People say they’re lazy, disrespectful, or disinterested. But the opposite is true. The whole idea of verge culture is the convergence of many different cultures. These kids mix Indian bhangra music with hip-hop; they like Japanese anime, blaxploitation, and Steve McQueen. They are interested in art and social causes. They’re a minority, but there are a lot of them. and they’re global.” 

~ Greg Selkoe 

36-year-old founder and CEO of Karmaloop 

It’s the same spiritually. 

Only it’s not just for teens and twenty-somethings. Verge spiritual culture finds people in their sixties and fifties and forties and thirties . . . seeking meaning in mindfulness while still practicing prayer in their own tradition, accepting reincarnation yet remaining Jewish or Christian or hewing to other concepts from the orientation of their upbringing. 

Chanting, fire walking, vision quests, runes, satsang . . . it’s a mosh pit of spiritual energies being tossed back and forth. It’s as exhilarating as it is exhausting.

Traditions that were once grounded geographically are now mixing in the air. There’s Spirit magic in the air! And it’s phenomiful (to verge a couple of exclamatory words).

Let me get breathy and dashy with excitement here
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