The Versatile Blogger Nomination . . .

. . . goes to me . . . and if I do the math properly, fifteen million other bloggers. 

If you look at the rules below, you’ll see what I mean about trazillions of other bloggers eventually being nominated too . . . ‘eventually’ being within a fruit fly generation or two.

Though I poke fun at the open-ended nominating process . . . when you are nominated by a blogger you respect immensely, as I’ve been, it feels mighty good, like sun in February.

Here’s how it works

The rules of accepting the nomination are as follows:

  • Thank the person who nominated me.
  • Include a link to his/her blog.
  • Nominate fifteen blogs I enjoy and follow.
  • Lastly, tell you seven things about myself. 

The easiest parts will be the first three, so let’s go–

Thank you my inspirational hero Travis Thomas! I am honored by your nomination. You had the decency to only choose a handful and not go the full monty to fifteen . . . . I will do my best to follow your example and keep the nominations to the few blogs I care about passionately.

Travis was one of the inspirations leading to this blog. You can find him doing exciting work at Thirty Days of Yes! I know because I’ve been one of the participants.

Is it OK if I quote myself? 

Sure, why not, I hear you murmur. 

This is from a comment I addressed to Travis on his site . . . it will let you know in the tiniest possible way how much I respect what this man does in the world:

In conversation, you are Yes incarnate. When speaking with you, even if only for a few minutes, I’ve always come away with a greater sense of awe and a greater sense of the possible. 

You are a rare avian creature, somehow able to keep your vision aloft regardless of circumstance — and you perform this same magic for others! No one can come away from a conversation with you without feeling uplifted to the highest. 

Here I want to address anyone considering coaching from Travis or a 30 Days of Yes program. Do it! Just do it! Travis is as infectious as he is insightful. 

Get him now while he’s cheap. Someday you’re going to (happily) pay a lot of money to be in his audience. He’s affordable for now. Go have the time of your life while improving your life — as I have.

So there you have it.

The blogs I nominate are . . . 
Christopher Foster, nearing eighty in human years, nearing infinity in wisdom years, is a spiritual father to me though he doesn’t know it. And I’m sure to many others as well.

Good Vibe Blog
Jeannette Maw focuses in the most delicious ways on the Law of Attraction. She is funny, open about experience gone good and bad, and insightful. She also inspires pithy commentary from her readers.

Zen Habits
Saying you like this site is like saying you like the ocean — so many people have been there before you and have paid tribute in such myriad ways that you feel puny for even attempting to add your own revelation into the mix. I found Zen Habits after starting The World is Freaky Beautiful this past year — very late to the party, I know — and reveled in the spaciousness I knew could exist on the Internet but hadn’t yet come across. Zenplicity incarnate.

Thinking Through
Peter Bolland, a philosophy professor, doesn’t write often but when he does it’s a deep drink at the well. His tagline is: 

Philosophy, Mythology, Spirituality and Transformational Wisdom

What more could you want? Oh, sensuality, you can get that from other sites . . . 

Deliberate Receiving Blog
A second Law of Attractioner — I just found Melody Fletcher’s site recently and became an insta-fan. This feisty personality takes on tough questions with elan (defined as dash, impetuous ardor by Try not to become insta-addicted.

Write to Done
All about writing and blogging and such. Though founded by Leo Babauta of Zen Habits, it is Mary Jaksch who is the magician in the machinery. She has attained a level of mastery comparable to fine swordsmanship — swordspersonship? — she cuts through the excess effortlessly, so that every tiny jot is pure artistry in information.

Yikes, almost forgot . . . to tell you seven things about myself . . .
  1. I am besotted with my wife. (We’ve been together over fifteen years, so it’s no la la la, love-in-springtime kind of thing. This thing’s been road tested by time, baby, and I’m jazzed about her the way a seventeen-year old lustily loves his first love.)
  2. I am crazily, emphatically in love with our son Zane, a joy boy of nine. There’s not much that isn’t better with him around.
  3. Though I write a spiritually-oriented blog . . . I must confess I drink the Dew, Mountain Dew, often enough that a good friend’s nickname for me is Dew. Dew Be Dew Be Dew . . . I’m not proud of it, I just thought you should know.
  4. My wife and I own a contemporary art gallery.
  5. Everyday people amaze me. I find gifts in everyone.
  6. We live on 1.3 acres overlooking a preserve in Florida, with a dense treeline for neighbors.
  7. Enough about me — you are amazing for having read this far! Get on with your day!
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