Vibration me up, baby

Everyday greatness is breaking out. I see it all around me, people extending themselves just a wee bit beyond where they are, leaning in the direction of where they’re going. That’s how the giants you admire did it. They moved in the direction of their vision.

So vibration me up, baby! It’s time to break into higher ground. It’s time to attempt the new, plunge further into the cherished dream.

What brings me up? You, you thrivers out there, you awesomely charming ones who make us feel we are charmed, you flirty ones who make the world come alive, you daring ones who blaze the way. You, you and you!

I’ve noticed you lifter-uppers have a few things in common:

  • You’re jazzed in general, about life, about possibilities, about ideas.
  • You make me feel good in your presence. By extension, you make everyone in your presence feel good. 
  • You (almost) never bitch about others. You are so not the one to come to for gossip.
  • You take delight in the process. You are the ones who will find a way to enjoy your work even if it’s not your chosen work. You are the ones who refuse to be bored. 
  • You do what you need to do and let others join you for the ride if they desire. If not, taint no big deal. In other words, you somehow are insanely selfish  you only do the things that interest you  and are overwhelmingly generous in spirit simultaneously.
  • You carve a way to the happiness zone as quickly as you can whenever your zippy boat runs aground. 

You know what I do if I need to bring myself up  get into the slipstream of someone already there. Someone like you thrivers noted above. All it takes is a phone call, a get together, a drive by if you know where they work! (Which is why Kelly Luchini got so many visitors when she worked at the gallery  she’s an upper that’s not bad for you.)

The other way is to do it my own dang self  by emulating these high-vibration souls. This is the best way, of course, but I’m all for a bit of cheating by drafting someone else if I can’t get there on my own.

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