Vibration us up, baby: The Cohens episode

Just a couple of weeks ago things were looking oh so bleak again in our business. After a summer of miraculous saves, let me emphasize this, often after the last minute, sales had been meager to non-existent for several weeks again. It had been Dickensian gruel. Not enough to subsist on.

Since the 2008 crash our biz has fluctuated like the power in a third-word city. Sometimes it’s on so powerfully you can blast every appliance known to man, sometimes it’s off, just off, and you can’t help but wonder, was it something we said? Do I need to bathe more often? After three years of below-subsistence gruel you begin to think it’s personal.

Our habit is to burrow in. We calve off from others the way sick animals do. We lay low. We commiserate. We talk pep in between talking woe. We sometimes find the resurgence of spirit needed quickly, sometimes not. We have our own little ways to keep going on the going forward.

I’m here today to speak to one more spirit enhancer that you all know but we somehow missed along the way: time with vibrant friends.

You’ve heard — God knows I’ve heard it many times — that if you want to lift yourself up, make sure you are spending time with uplifting people.

A couple of weeks ago we re-learned the obvious. We went out to dinner with our friends Mike and Carolyn Cohen. In retrospect it’s a wonder the dinner happened at all, but we went. We were as low as the low note in a country song, and we didn’t shrink from it, we copped straight away without seeking to mask what couldn’t have been masked anyway, our dispirited selves. 

Mike and Carolyn, possibility thinkers, chirp by chirp, idea by idea, note by note, led us up the path, past the blues, through rockabilly, mercifully skirting power ballads, into free-floating jazz, that place where things seem doable again.

Such is the power of people. At the right conjunction in time friends can lift you up in ways you can’t. You know this of course, but we, smart people, didn’t. So I pass it along in case you, smart people, forget this too from time to time.

(Oh, and this has a happy ending beyond just a temporary amp up. We dove right back into our business, juiced to tackle what needed to be tackled and to do the doing that needed to be done. This resurgent energy spilled into yes, we can do this! The season is only a few weeks away, we will find a way. Turns out the season started early, like two days later. The season found us. Sales found us! But more than that, vigor and excitement found us.)

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