Vision Page (out loud) Sunday 10.30.16

Three spiritually-based practices have transformed my life: meditation, asking, and vision pages. You can learn more about the Vision Page process here and in this bookito

The intimacy of a Vision Page allows you to explore any subject, no matter how painful. And any dream, no matter how small or grandiose. It’s just you and the page.

This of course is a public version . . . to open me up. And maybe to inspire you in your own celebration and creation process.

OK OmJah

Here it is, I’m going public with this. May this be the beginning of a worthy series.

What am I celebrating this week?

— Oh sweet Yeezy I’m so glad to be finished with the art trips. As much as I savor the enforced solitude for its thoughtiness, for its burbling up of new possibilities for my life, I’m ready to be home. To hang with family and friends. To rev it up for the season at the gallery.

— It’s an odd thing to celebrate . . . but I’m thankful I was here when Dad broke his hip. He’s a difficult cuss . . . refusing ambulance and hospital . . . but my having arrived home the night he fell and smashed his hip allowed for an intervention that eventually got him to where he could be cared for properly.

Even the strains are appreciated. The lifting him up while he groaned in pain, the awkwardness of getting his underwear and shorts on, the tight dance to pivot him to a rolling chair, the same sequence to get in and out of my car a couple of times between his condo and doctor and, finally, the ER.

— I’m appreciating my family, especially my sister who orchestrated it all via phone calls, paving the way.

— I’m loving typing this while my son tootles away on the piano.

— Strangely, I’m jazzed by the challenge of losing our gallery director just as our selling season begins. Julian has stepped up into the position seamlessly, demonstrating what a strong team we have.

What are we creating?

— The Rhythm. The easeful way. That way forward each day propelling me in a relaxed yet focused manner. The way that encompasses gallery, impactful creative work, real connections, and physical bouts of activity.

And breaks! Lots of micro breaks.

Now that I’m back I’m seeking my rhythm again. Let’s make this a surprisingly effective yet transcendentally chill rhythm. You know I’m done with struggle. But I’m excited by inspired effort. By wei wu wei.

— . . . May this overhaul of the Freaky Beautiful site into Notes For Creators enliven the message here. May it become a resource for millions of creative spirit junkies.

— A smooth election with a result for the greater good. I’m just putting it out there : -)

— A superlative season, yes. Dog love, yes. Days full of meaningful interactions, yes. Making a difference, yes. Laughter till I hurt (in a good way), yes. Yes, yes and yes.


Russell reading
A vision page on the fly